Indoor Plants

Plants & Gardens (for Apartments) 101

Summer is here and because of COVID-19 restrictions, the hobby of the day is an oldie but a goodie — gardening! Do you want to grow a selection of herbs and produce for your summer dishes, or is it your dream to create an oasis of greenery in your home? For those of you that want to have a “green thumb” this summer but don’t think it’s possible because you live in an apartment, here are a few resources we’ve found to help you “liven” up your home and help your plants and garden flourish. Happy planting! 

  1. Apartment Gardening for Beginners — Would you love to have a garden but you’re unsure where to start? Check out this guide and for tips on how to grow, what to grow, and how to care for your garden.
  2. 12 Items to Grow in Your Indoor Edible Garden — It’s that time of year for fresh fruits and vegetables to be the star of our dishes. Not sure what will grow best in your indoor garden? Here are 12 suggestions to help you get started. 
  3. The BEST Guide to Container Gardening (Everything You Need to Know) — Do you want to start a garden, but are unsure which containers would be best for certain plants? This article is for you! It goes in depth about which type and size of container would work best for certain plants as well as additional indoor gardening tips. 
  4. Small Space Gardening Tips for Apartment Dwellers & Urbanites — Lacking some inspiration on how to incorporate plants into your space? These gorgeous and creative ideas from HGTV will help you brainstorm unique ways to incorporate plants into your space. 
  5. Best Plants to Freshen Up Your Apartment Space — Are you a notorious plant killer or just unsure of what plants would be best for your space? Here are 23 plants and key information to help you pick the best plants for you.
  6. 11 Ways Plants Enhance Your Mental and Emotional Health — Growing plants in your home won’t just provide you with a hobby; it can also positively impact your health and wellbeing. Still on the fence about adding plants to your living space? Read up on the 11 ways in which plants can enhance your mental and emotional health.
  7. Browse through Pinterest for additional inspiration! It’s a great resource if you have an idea in mind but aren’t sure how to execute it.