6 Tips to Stay Warm this Winter Without Running Up the Bill

College students known to do some pretty bizarre things in order to save money. This long list includes (but is not limited to) destroying their diet by living off of Ramen and Easy Mac, walking to class in below-zero temps, joining extracurriculars just for the free food, and stocking up on napkins and utensils from fast food restaurants.

We understand the struggle of living on a tight budget! If you follow our six easy money-saving apartment living tips, you won’t have to surrender your comfort in these cold winter months.

1. Utilize a Rug on Hardwood Floors

Rugs and floor mats have been an easy, cost-effective way to keep your bare feet from freezing. This trick also cultivates a relaxed and cozy atmosphere in your space.

2. Use Candles

Candles are great for saving on your electric bill. They provide light, heat, and make your home smell amazing. Be sure to follow your community’s rules about candles, and never leave a room with a candle burning. Keep your candle away from flammable materials.

3. Prevent Doorway Drafts

Place a blanket, towel, or draft stopper at the bottom of your door to keep the heat in and the cold air out.

4. Bundle Up

One of the easiest ways to keep warm in these frigid months is to layer up. Layers help prepare you for any sudden temperature changes, something that Midwest winters are known for.

5. Grab Some Curtains

Curtains have many benefits – they provide privacy, warmth, sunlight control, and they enhance the decor and overall look of your home. Closing your curtains can greatly increase the amount of heat your retain in your rooms.

6. Weighted or Heated Blanket

It’s hard enough to get out of bed in the morning – don’t make it harder by waking up cold! Weighted or heated blankets keep you warm at night, and you won’t have to crank up the heat! Make sure you follow the recommended safety precautions when using heated blankets, and keep the blanket off when you’re out of the room or not actively using it.

Do you have any other ideas for keeping your home warm in the winter? Let us know!

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